Cold Truth Culture NFTs

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If you don't see your NFTs, you need to register your collection. Register Collection -> Collection address.

CTC Collections:
OG - 0x56510d0AF4dE9Ba2b5a78e195EAa366683feBBA1
The Collective - 0x8064ede05622F302C41C8653A06Cc9C0a413b03d
Rare - 0x30470b1062b44FFC4Fe308716CD1B9E39f37d1E9
Super Rare - 0x693c05A83Ea3e1ae81ce3a831A2Df82A0e7681aE
Music - 0x4998BaADe73cB6DE3BA1FAb0bb1619d48D683d05
Music Video - 0x40E16b47ecE11B182c5bd597b3a66d815b4cB8ee
NSFW - 0x2a254f0179786a43c9b449CBe6aA2Dce77e1561D
Creatures - 0x4B4d4A3d5D7f7A66C533B9425D94F03cD2381BC4

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